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Girl Against the Universe by Paula Stokes


What Are You Reading Wednesday is a weekly book meme hosted by It’s a Reading Thing. Learn more about WAYRW here.

1. I’ve seen Paula Stokes floating around Twitter for a while and some of my friends swear by her books and how amazing they are. I’m getting my first taste of her work this week reading Girl Against the Universe and can already say that I’m super impressed!


2. Here’s a snippet from page 34:

‘You’re smiling,’ Perfectly Assembled Boy says. Today he’s back in his fancy jeans and button-up shirt, his hair impeccably messy.

‘No I’m not.’

‘Yes you are.’

3. I would absolutely love to live in the Universe of #GATU. Even if she might be just a bit unlucky, Maguire seems like she would be a great friend. I’d love to get some tennis lessons from Jordy, work on cars with Penn and maybe even talk to Dr. Leed about some of my own issues (he also seems to be a pretty decent unintentional matchmaker).



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