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Currently Reading: 100 Days of Cake by Shari Goldhagen

What Are You Reading Wednesday is a weekly book meme hosted by It’s a Reading Thing. Learn more about WAYRW here.

1. I’m currently reading 100 Days of Cake by Shari Goldhagen. It’s a cute, funny but also touching story about a girl, her depression, a fish store and many, many, many baked goods.



2. Here’s a little teaser from page 34:

So much of what was going on was stuff I couldn’t even explain to myself, even if I’d wanted to. Then one day Dr. B noticed me tucking my earphones into my backpack, and he asked about what kind of music I listened to. We started talking about some of the nineties bands that I knew from Alex or my mom, and it turned out that Dr. B had actually seen a lot of them when he was in high school and college. For the next session he brought in some Stone Temple Pilots bootlegs, and we talked about those, and gradually, talking about other stuff got a little easier.


3. So far I would absolutely want to live in Molly’s world. I can relate a lot to her struggles and would love to have her as a friend. I also would love the chance to hang out with her and Alex, eating house special lo mein and watching Golden Girls marathons in an old fish store. Coral Cove sounds adorable so far!


What are you all reading this week?



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