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Loved That? Read This! [3]

Loved That, Read This is a brand new book meme on Fridays created by Nicole at Boundless Bookaholic. Learn more about it here and check back every week for more book recommendations!


1. If you loved Kill the Boy Band, then read Survive the Night

Both of these books feature fast paced plots, twists and turns and some seriously dark humor. If you loved Goldy Moldavsky’s romp of a novel about some messed up fangirls, then you should check out Danielle Vega’s horror novel about girls who get trapped in an underground party…and aren’t alone.



2. If you loved I’ll Be There, then read The Whole Stupid Way We Are

I personally love quiet YA books about girls with the best of intentions, but the worst of outcomes. If you loved Goldberg Sloan’s YA novel about a girl who tries her best to save a sensitive boy with a dark and twisted pass, then you will love Griffin’s mellow contemporary novel about a well-meaning girl who dries to help her friend whose father is suffering from Alzheimer’s and keeping it a secret.



3. If you loved The Gemma Doyle Trilogy, then read My Lady Jane

Who doesn’t love stories with badass women? And who doesn’t love quirky, magical spins on history. If you loved Libba Bray’s trilogy about a few trouble-making girls at a Victorian boarding school and the dark, magical world they visit, then you should definitely check out My Lady Jane. This re-write of an oft-forgotten English queen has some top notch female badassery and replaces religion with magic.

What do you think of my recommendations? Do you have any other recommendations for the books I picked? Let me know in the comments!



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