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Ten Bookish & Writerly Things About Me

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book meme run by The Broke and the Bookish. Find out more information about it here.

This week’s topic:

July 12: Ten Facts About Me (bookish or just general about you facts or ten facts about you as a blogger…whatever you want)

Well, I do love to talk to myself. So whether you read my blog every week or this is your first time here (welcome), here’s the book-related stuff you should know:

1. I’ve loved YA since I was 10

When I was 10 years old, they finished renovating the library in my town and opened up a teen reading room for the very first time. I loved the librarians, Kate and Sandy, who cultivated in be a love for all things YA. If it weren’t for them and their fearless selections of the best books, I wouldn’t love YA and I might not be writing this list. Librarians rock!


2. I’m Not a “Fantasy Person”

*the sound of people clicking off my blog when they read this* But no, I tend to be in love with contemporary stories. I have a few fantasy authors that I love reading (Marie Rutkoski, Holly Black, Maria Dahvana-Headley) that I adore, but I adore their stories because they’re amazing storytellers. I tend to like the books I read rooted in the real world, even though I’m not sure why. Just preference, I guess.


3. If a Book Has Mental Illness Rep or LGBTQPIA+ Rep…*grabby hands*

These are the two things I look for most in the books I read. I love to read stories about queer teens battling the various trials and tribulations of growing up queer, no matter where they fall on the spectrum. Although right now I’m actively looking to read stories about ace, pan and non-binary teens. I also love mental illness rep, particularly about girls with mental illnesses that aren’t a teen rip-off of Girl, Interrupted.


4. I Cry When I Read

All the time. *reaches for the box of tissues*


5. I’m Very Protective of My Signed Books

I don’t leave the house with a signed book that isn’t in some kind of plastic bag (bookstores give out the best size bags!) or crocheted book snuggie. I’m very, very anal about keeping the spines, dust jackets and pages completely in tact.


6. I Tend to Be a Fast Reader…But I’m SUPER Busy

Sometimes I have my slow streaks, but in general I can read 1-2 books a day if I have nothing else to go. That’s the key though-I’m always at work, writing and crocheting too. Balance is key!


7. I’m About to Send Out Queries for My *Hopefully* First Book

I don’t want to jinx it, so I won’t say anything else here except wish me luck!


8. I Started Writing Novels in First Grade

I wrote a stunningly awful poor-boy-meets-rich-girl trilogy about Henry and Lily, who meet in the first book, get married in the second and have kids in the last. I don’t know of any extant copies, but my teacher typed them up for me so I had neat copies I could illustrate. *cringes from the embarassment*


9. I Make Radio Stations for Each Book I’m Working On

I NEED to listen to music when I write, and just keep it on in the background. I try to make Pandora stations that my main characters would listen to or that somehow tie in to the tone of the book. For a book I’m working on with an ace MC, I listened to Disney music while I was working on it. It might sound like fun, but it was like eating too much candy in one sitting and some of the songs were seriously starting to give me a twitch. Pick your writing music carefully!


10. I Can Read on Public Transportation and in Cars

For some odd reason, I am most productive in a moving vehicle. I love having a few hours on a train ride to rip through a book or two or type up a chapter or two in my WIP. Same with a long car ride. There’s usually no Internet and no distractions. And in most cases, I find them quiet, peaceful spaces where I can really focus. If I had to do all of my work at home, I would get nothing done.

Is there anything else you’re dying to know about me? Let me know below in the comments!




Writer, avid reader, blogger, art history nerd, student journalist & editor, bookstore connoisseur, honeybee advocate. Proud Jersey Girl. Drew '17.

20 thoughts on “Ten Bookish & Writerly Things About Me

  1. I love that your first grade story was a trilogy! And was illustrated! I remember writing a story when I was in the first grade. It was about a magic wish granting refrigerator… ended up with a dead body. I think my teacher ended up calling home about that one. Whoops I sound like I was quite a trouble little girl.

    And I’m jealous! Reading in cars gives me terrible motion sickness! Great list!

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  2. I love reading on the bus or tram – it is a bit of a bummer that it takes my only 10 minutes or less on a tram to get to my work. I feel the most comfortable when reading in public transport.

    Liked by 1 person

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