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Loved That? Read This! [4]

Loved That, Read This is a brand new book meme on Fridays created by Nicole at Boundless Bookaholic. Learn more about it here and check back every week for more book recommendations!


1. If you loved Mosquitoland, then read Run

Both of these books feature lost girls with distinct and moving voices who decide to run away, albeit for different reasons. For lovers of fast-paced contemporary stories that take place on the road and explore the deeper workings of love, family and friendship, these reads won’t disappoint.


2. If you loved Dumplin’, then read Vibes

These books both feature witty female protagonists and deal with body positivity issues. If you loved Murphy’s book about a Texas girl who throws a monkey wrench into her town’s famous beauty contest and learns to love herself, then you’ll love Ryan’s funny read about a girl who swears she can reads minds and learns to love her body too.


3. If you loved The Perks of Being a Wallflower, then read The Great American Whatever

Both of these books feature creatively talented male protagonists struggling with grief along with lots of good friendships and humor. If Chbosky’s hallmark young adult novel about a freshman outcast resonated with you, then you’ll want to jump into Federle’s LGBTQPIA+ read about a boy who grapples and moves on from the death of his sister.


What do you think of my recommendations? Do you have any other recommendations for the books I picked? Let me know in the comments!



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