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#31DaysOfMHYA Day 1: Intro and Kickoff

Today is the first day of Mental Health Awareness Month. I have decided to dedicate this month to recognizing works of young adult literature touching upon themes of mental health with which I connected and discussing themes, topics and concerns I have about the representation of mental health and illness in young adult lit.

To give an overview, this is what the month will look like:

  • Posts about individual works that made me think about mental health in new ways or that I connected to for a specific reason
  • Posts about debates about mental health rep in young adult lit and what I hope to see more of in the future
  • Posts about authors that I’ve read multiple books of where they touch upon mental health
  • Topical posts about specific mental health issues in young adult

Now, for the disclaimers: I know that not all of you are going to agree with the books I’ve selected, and that’s okay. I’m coming at this topic from my own experiences and difficulties with mental health. These experiences will probably not reflect yours. I’m also not necessarily recommending any of the books I’m discussing. I’m just spotlighting them for helping me through a tough time.

If you want to do the same thing on your blog, just be sure to tag your posts #31DaysOfMHYA. I hope you all will join me on this emotional journey.

Note: #31DaysOfMHYA is on hiatus May 4-May 14 in light of self care to deal with the news and my college graduation. I’ll be posting soon. 🙂



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