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On a Case Bi Case Basis: Introduction Post

Identity is complicated.

Sure, we have labels for aspects of identity like sexual orientation, but these words aren’t static direction definitions. Gay. Bisexual. Pansexual Asexual. Within each of this terms is room for infinite variety of subjective experience. Community and solidarity is important, but recognizing the differences within community with empathy and compassion is what ultimately brings us all together.

For those of you who know me well, I’m bi and ace. For those who didn’t know that, surprise! I got the idea for this mini-blog series a few months ago when complaining, as per usual, to a few friends about how hard it is to explain what being bi means because of all the misconceptions and stereotypes around the identity. And that doesn’t even factor in the impact of gender identity, race and other factors into the experience of being bisexual or being biromantic.

The On a Case Bi Case Basis series aims to explore this depth in the bi label through personal essays by biromantic and bisexual people, giving them 2000 words or less to explore the question: “What Does It Mean to You to Be Bi?” The answers provided in these short essays show the similarities and differences within the same word we use to describe yourself. I hope you will come back here each day over the next week to see our posts!

And for more On a Case Bi Case Basis content, head over to Ace of Bens, where my wonderful Ben is co-hosting this event with me.


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