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Exciting Things to Come at Stay on the Page (It’s called a REDESIGN!)

Admittedly, I haven’t been the most active blogger these past two years. Unfortunately, It’s hard to juggle a job, graduate school, working on my own creative writing, internships and a job. But in a few weeks I’ll be graduating and I’m hoping the spirit of change and opportunity will give me the push I need to make Stay on the Page more active and a blogging space where I get to talk about the things that I love.

I’ll be revamping and redesigning my blog at the end of May. I’ll also be launching Mental Health Reads soon, a community resource for MG and YA mental health representation. What you can look forward to is more reviews, but also more posts about writing, theater and mental health rep in books. I hope you’ll all stick around for the journey because I’m excited to get back into the habit of sharing content with all of you.

This means Stay on the Page will be INACTIVE May 21-31 as I re-design the layout and prepare for 30 Days of Pride.



Writer, avid reader, blogger, art history nerd, student journalist & editor, bookstore connoisseur, honeybee advocate. Proud Jersey Girl. Drew '17.

2 thoughts on “Exciting Things to Come at Stay on the Page (It’s called a REDESIGN!)

  1. Just reading all the things you’ve got going in your life has me exhausted. xD You’re juggling a lot. Early congrats on the graduation thing, though! That must be a relief. It sure was for me, waaaaay back eons ago when I graduated. 😉 Good luck with the redesign. Looking forward to seeing the new site!


  2. I just found out about your page on Twitter! I know how difficult it is to juggle it all. It’s quite a challenge for sure. At the moment, I usually post once a week because of all the jobs I am juggling! Looking forward to seeing your blog design!


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