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Introducing 30 Days of Pride!

Happy Pride Month! While I think that every day of the year should be a time for celebrating who we are and who we love (whether that means friends, a romantic partner or multiple romantic partners), I also think it’s nice to have this annual time of contemplation to remember who we are, who we’ve been and who we want to become within the LGBTQPIA+ community. 

That’s why I’m so excited that my dear friend, Ben, asked me to co-host this new blogging series, I was very excited and immediately on board, although I needed to start a few days later because of thesis work, graduation and Bookcon. 

For this event, I reached out to a variety of friends I love and authors I admire for posts and interviews. I also received posts from new friends on the Internet. I hope that you will read and support each and every post that goes up this month, both on my blog and at Ace of Bens. You can view the entire list of posts on the bottom of this page as they are posted onto my blog. 

Finally, I just want to remind everyone that there is a 0% tolerance on my blog for any kind of hatred directed towards any part of the LGBTQPIA+ community. Any inappropriate or disrespectful comments will not be publicly posted and will be reported immediately. The safety of all of my guests on this blog is my top priority. 

But please, share, RT, comment and show your support for each post. Thank you! 

List of 30 Days of Pride Posts:

June 4: “How Discovering Drag Helped Me Find a Queer Community” by Madalyn @ Novel Ink
June 5: “Home in the LGBTQPIA+ Community” by Dalton Valette
June 6: Q&A with Rosiee Thor
June 7: “A Love Letter to Fanfiction” by Lee Blauersouth
June 8: Q&A with Zack Smedley
June 9: “Writing Aromantic Characters” by Tanya Lisle
June 10: “The Glorious Unknown” by Alyssa Zaczek

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