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Home in the LGBTQPIA+ Community by Dalton Valette

I’m so happy to bring on the first person I came out to in person (that’s a long story, a whole blog post even!) to the blog today to share a brief, lovely essay about growth, home and being queer. I went to undergrad with Dalton and we worked late nights on the college newspaper together. When I’m not wrangling Dalton into doing blog stuff, you can find him on Twitter. He is an alum of Drew University and Colorado Law, and I’m so proud of him. ❤

What makes me proud of being apart of the LGBTQPIA+ community is there is always someone who will listen to you and make you feel at home. For many of us, a home is something we crave for. It may not be a physical home where our family by blood lives but it can be a place where we are surrounded by love and safety. For me, home has often moved. It’s not just where I physically am but where I want to be, where I am at my happiest and most comfortable.  

The definition of a home has evolved for me overtime. For a long time I thought it was just the house that I lived in growing up in Superior, Colorado. That didn’t prove to be the case. I especially realized that the more I was able to travel. I ended up going to undergrad in New Jersey and there, I was surrounded by so many warm and accepting people of all walks of life. I recognize in many ways I grew up in a bubble. I didn’t know what being transgender was, what asexuality was, and thought pansexuality and bisexuality were the same thing. I was wrong in these beliefs but I doubt I would have realized the errors of my past without traveling, experiencing new things, and meeting with different, open-hearted, kind people. And I couldn’t have done that without the acceptance, patience, and love I received from so many within our community.

In so doing for myself, I was better able to learn, appreciate, and understand what the LGBTQPIA+ community means for so many people and for myself. For me, it is home. It’s where I will find my husband, my best friends, my family. Because we are all bound by uniquely shared experiences, oftentimes upsetting and difficult, but many times wonderful and, if I do say so myself, fabulous. Home is what you make of it and I have made my home within this loving community and am proud of the progress and acceptance we have made within the last few years and cannot wait to see where we will go in the years ahead.  

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