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Episode 1: Ben Platt’s “Sing to Me Instead”

Ben Platt has gone from Tony-winning Broadway darling to pop/singer-songwriter artist with his debut album Sing to Me Instead, which incorporates the vocals and storytelling we love from musical theatre with catchy tunes and amazing backup singers found in radio-ready music. Plus, it contains very relatable stories about queer relationships and anxiety.

Disclaimer: We are incorporating clips of each song, but since we analyze the music and lyrics in detail, we believe this is acceptable under the Fair Use Guidelines.

The album is available on all major music retailers and streaming services. Tay talks about attending one of his concerts which you can find more about on his website. We discuss the music videos for “Bad Habit,” “Ease My Mind,” “Temporary Love,” “Grow as We Go,” and “Older,” which are all linked in this sentence from YouTube.

Some other sources consulted and/or mentioned:

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