Micro-Review Mondays

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Do you like writing book reviews but find that they take forever to write? All those notes. All those full sentences.

The fact is, reviews are super helpful to authors. Word of mouth is the engine that runs publishing and the more reviews a book has on a site like Amazon, the more exposure it gets.

So what if there was a way to write a review without having to slog through writing a review and do it within a fun community at the same time?

The answer is Micro-Review Monday (MRM), a new book blogging meme I’m launching and hosting that joins book reviews with some fun.

If you would like to join and do your own post, just be sure to link back to my post here. Feel free to use my meme banner or create your own. If you post your micro-review on Twitter, use the hashtag #microreviewmonday so others can view all the posts easily. You can also post your post on the linky attached to mine each week. If you have any questions, poke me on Twitter @tayberryjelly or find your way to the form on my contact page.

For the book you want to micro-review, answer these questions:

Rating Out of 5: How much did you like the book? Give it a number!

Up to 3 Pros: List up to 3 things you liked (i.e. diverse characters, vivid setting, swoon worthy boys, etc.)

Up to 3 Cons: List up to 3 things that were weak spots (i.e. slow pacing, unrealistic characters, lack of romantic tension/buildup, etc.)

Become best friends forever/punch in the face/kiss on the mouth: Pick 1 character to fit each of these categories and why, if you care to explain.

Describe this Book in 3 Words: Break out the adjectives! (i.e. Quirky, diverse romance)

You have ONE sentence to convince a total stranger to read/not read this book. GO! Pack up the message of your review in one sentence. No BS-why should people pick up this book or not?